Who we are

Creative workspace

How Groundswell Collective actually started

Groundswell Collective was established by two close friends with experience in graphic and web design. It was a small project based company that put together two dedicated freelancers working from home at that time.

Sketching and design

The path from freelancing to company management

Freelancing was one thing, but when the two decided to unify their forces, this whole venture became a company. This is when Groundswell Collective became an entity and things evolved to the next level in design.


Constantly pushing for improvement

Despite our experience, here at Groundswell Collective, we constantly educate ourselves. We know this industry is always evolving, so we push our limits to evolve and discover new technologies, ideas and techniques.

Desktop supplies

Our mission and values

Groundswell Collective is not the only company providing graphic and web design. What we do special is the fact that we treat our clients like people. They become our friends, yet we still maintain our professional standards.

Designer at work

Always going the extra mile

We take pride in the relationship we have with our customers. No matter what you want, we will always strive to provide a little more. We try our best to keep our customers happy because our growth depends on their growth.


Improving an already good team

Groundswell Collective started as a team of two people. More than a decade later, we have a bunch of extra professionals around us to help with all kinds of tasks. No matter what you need, chances are we can get it covered.